Grow Your Business With a Business Plan Format That Works

Grow Your Business
No business can thrive without a business plan format that works. A business plan is a blueprint to help you lead your company to success. It is your management plan, and a critical tool for operating a business.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning, when executed properly, is a powerful way to take responsibility for your actions. It removes limits that sidetrack desires or plans. Novelistsknow this rule. When people plan a journey with maps – they do better in the long run compared to those who just h autonomouslise a route.

It is an incredible exercise for you to sit down on a regular basis and work through all the different action steps that you need to take to build your business. It forces abreakersin to think in a different way about the business than they did with no plan to follow.

Every action step in your business plan will need to be put down on paper and connected with numbers. It doesn’t matter how big the challenge; define it, plan it, execute it and, finally see how you did! Without a business plan, you may not know where you’re going, or you may make decisions that could derail your work.

How to create a business plan format that works:

1. Tell The Truth. This is important. No Liars! If you have not been truthful, get out your wallet and send away for a change of address. A lot of “made up” numbers are created every single day that it is proved knows nothing about the real economy. Would you rather believe someone for their story or just the truth? Calling an accountant’s lie is not only a waste of time and money, it is illegal!

Not only this, but it is illegal for a professional accountant to call a professional story. The Financial Services industry rules this one out. You see, with everyone telling a story about their business and their business running, it has meant that many accountants have built their own self-doubt into their financial reports. This becomes their story which they are forced to tell to Insurance companies or to Social Security.

2. Think Big. Now that you have told the truth and laid out your business plan, start to really think big! You have now started to think not only long term, but also high impact.

3. Measuring, tracking and monitoring is a necessary evil of business. This is the information highway that business must navigate. Tracking the financial statements needs to be done at least on a quarterly basis, preferably monthly.

4. Put your financials on a 3 to 6 month and monthly basis!

5. If you are going to hire an accountant, make sure you get one you respect and who is your partner in growing your business. Your accountant needs to be able to take your business information and bring you to your financial officers. A good accountant will be able to get a relationship started and then help you stay there successfully. If you do not have an accountant, think of one that can relate to your business, from the inside out!

Before you leave the stress of “I don’t have enough money to pay him”, do a search on Google and see what complains are being made about your accountant. If he is not giving you adequate value, why would you have to waste your time? Grow Your Business

6. When you suddenly need an invoice, do it to your accountant’s door. By having a real person, who is interested in doing good business with you, they will bite their tongues and come to your place of business and bring you a copy of the invoice. This is an elegant and subtle way of letting you know that your accountant has his own pocket full of money for items you do not have access to and, thus, you need to pay it to him! It also sends the right signals to your accountant that he is valued if he is so kind to give you something so valuable to you.

Now you are armed with a template for your financials that only the top business owners apply. If you are not doing this for your business, it is time to start! If you are in private practice, great! If you are not in private practice but it is big, you must do this now (and not a day, not a week, not a year).

“No plan is a adequate road to fortune. It’s an excellent way of putting it in the ditch!” References: Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Here & Now by…? Grow Your Business

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